A notecard printed with a personalized star map to celebrate a special event.

Recreate the real positions of the stars, moon and Milky Way given the date, time and location of your moment.

A first kiss? The moment you said “yes”? Your wedding day? Your baby birth?

Let the stars tell your story.


An awesome print with an awesome pen written message on the back.

A perfect match to stand-out and surprise someone.
Make them feel special.

Over 20 calligraphies from real people you can choose from.


When was the last time you had the amazing experience of receiving pen written mail with art work that touched you?

We combine printed art with pen written messages, packaged in a premium notecard ready to be delivered to anywhere in the world.

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but it can worth a lot more when you also attach the right words to it.

A perfect match to stand-out and surprise someone.

Be different, stand-out, make someone feel special, show that you care.




We will print, pen write and send your notecard to the specified address.

High quality front print. Back message written by pen with real people calligraphy.

Delivered in 5×7 inches size. Envelop, stamp and shipping included.

Plus, you will have access to the digital format.



Download your notecard in digital format.

Instant access.

Print, write and send as you wish.

High definition digital file tailored for 5×7 inches size.



We provide two delivery formats you can choose from:

1 – Printed & Pen Written:

We will print, pen write and send your notecard to the specified address.
High quality front print using premium paper and ink.
Back message written by pen with real people calligraphy.
Plus, you will have access to the digital format.

2 – Digital

Notecard provided in digital format to download.
Instant access.
Print, write and send as you wish.

Your notecard will be printed in 5×7 inches standard size.
The digital version is also optimized for high definition in this size.
From experience, our customers find it a perfect standard size that can be easily send by normal mail and also framed to display as wall art.

For non-commissioned, ready to personalize notecards we do not work with other sizes at the moment.
Printed & Pen Written notecards are only delivered in 5×7 inches size.

For commissioned artwork services, we can work with other sizes attending your needs.
In this case you will have access to the digital file in the size you need.
Printed & Pen Written delivery of commissioned artwork notecards is also limited to 5×7 inches at the moment.
Please contact us for more details and to let us know about your requirements.


Yes! We use over 20 real people calligraphies to pen write your message, in order to provide authenticity to your bespoke notecard.

Yes! The envelope is also pen written.

We worked with over 20 different people to come up with a method capable of recreating their real calligraphy.

We are also able to create digital models of real people calligraphies by leveraging artificial intelligence.

Unless recipients know your calligraphy very well, it will be hard to know the card wasn’t pen written by you.

Furthermore, the notecard envelope can have your return address and a real stamp.

The only branding we use is a small logo on the back of the card.

Even though, if you need private labelling, or create your own calligraphy, please contact us.


Printed & Pen Written $12.80
Digital $4.80
Commissioned artwork upon request.

Yes. For Printed & Pen Written delivery, envelop, stamp and shipping costs are already included in the price.

We accept VISA, MASTER CARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS for payments.

Payments are delegated and processed through our partner Stripe (, assuring all security aspects and legal compliance.


We usually print, write and send your order within 2 business days. It may take three business days on special dates (such as Christmas) where we have more than usual orders to deliver.

Your bespoke notecard is send via First Class postage from the US Postal Service (USPS).

Typically, the USPS delivers all mail to the continental US in 3-4 days.

More detailed delivered times can be found here: (Use “852 Phoenix” for the 3-Digit ZIP and City”.)

Yes! We offer international shipments to over 180 countries. Please see more details here:


Each bespoke notecard is made specifically to you and your specifications.
As a result, we unfortunately can not accept returns or refunds for personalized items.

However, if there is anything you do not love about your order please contact us to let us know.
We will do our best to resolve your situation.

While we do our best to guarantee your satisfaction during the whole process, DIDIENDO cannot be held responsible for:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors provided by you or any proofreading. Of course, we will do our best to make you aware of any errors we may find, but this is out of scope of our responsibility
  • Errors with recipient / return addresses provided by you.

To prevent the situation above, please double check your bespoke notecard before payment.

Also, DIDIENDO cannot be held liable for:

  • Lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed mail in transit.

Once the stamped item has been delivered to the United States Postal Service, we unfortunately no longer have control over when it is delivered and cannot provide a status to when it arrives. These items are sent as first-class mail in an envelope and tracking is not provided.