How to Create a Free Star Map Poster

Learn how to create the iconic Star Map Poster, easily and for free, using our Star Map Generator App and Canva.

Want to celebrate a special moment and recreate the night sky of that moment on a poster with the real position of the stars and constellations?

You can do it easily and for free now. See how!

Tools needed:
DDND Star Map Generator (free)
Canva (free)


  1. Go to our free Star Map Generator app to create and download your star map

  2. Access Canva – free online graphic design platform

  3. In Canva, create a new design with the poster dimension you want

  4. Upload to Canva the Star Map you have just created

  5. Add and theme other poster components (background, text, frame…)

  6. Print your awesome poster

Step 1 – Create and Theme Your Custom Star Map

Go to our free star map generator app to create, theme and download your custom Star Map.

By using the Star Map generator your can quickly create, customise, theme and download your Star Map for free.

Check out this link to learn how to use it. Also, go to the product page to learn more about features and products you can make.

Free Star Map Generator

Step 2 – Access Canva

Canva is a free online graphic design platform – user friendly and easy-to-use. Non-designers can quickly create professional looking posters, social media graphics, documents and other visual content. Canva already includes templates for users to use.

You can access the platform at

Step 3 – Create a New Poster in Canva

To create a new poster in Canva, log-in with your account and click “Create a design” button.

Choose “Custom dimensions” and set your desired poster dimensions. For this example we will create a 50×70 cm poster.

Then click “Create new design”.

How to create a poster in Canva.
Creating a new poster in Canva

Step 4 – Upload Your Star Map

After creating your new design, you can upload your Star Map to Canva.

To do so, select “Uploads”, click “Upload Media” and select your Star Map file to upload.

You can then add your Star Map to your newly created Poster.

Uploading the Star Map

Step 5 – Add and Theme Other Poster Components

Having added your Star Map, you can then leverage all Canva features to add and theme other Poster components.

A Star Map poster is usually composed by: a personalised text message; text lines with location name, date and coordinates; and a frame. You can of course design it as you wish.

You can start by theming the Poster background. In our example we are using the same color we selected for our Star Map background – a beautiful night sky blue.

Then, you can add other map components. In our example we added a personalised message, as well as the text lines for the location, date, and coordinates.

You can also get our ready-to-use Canva templates to create your Star Map posters. See below our Star Map Poster Template Pack.

Adding and Theming Poster Components

Step 6 – Print Your Free Star Map Poster

After having finished your Star Map poster design, you just need to download it as a PNG image and send it to print – online or at your local shop.

In a future post we will cover the different online services you can use to print your posters and other products. Stay tunned!

Happy creations!


Star Map Poster Canva Template Pack

Get our star map poster template pack for Canva!