Free, easy-to-use app to create custom star maps. Use it to create your own products: posters, mugs, bags, phones cases…

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Create custom star maps

Choose the location, date and time of a special moment. Our software automatically creates the corresponding real position of the stars.

Select what to include

Choose if you want to include different star map components: constellations, graticule (grid), background and frame.

Theme your star map

Unleash your creativity and change the colors of the different elements of the map as you wish.

High quality image download

Select the size you want for your star map and get access to a high quality image ready to be used on your own products. Access the download link whenever you want.

Easy to use interface

Forget using complicated software, or several apps, to create your custom star maps. Our app is the easiest to use.

Free to use

That's right. Our star map generator is free to use.

PROduct Inspiration

Use the free star map generator to download a high-quality image of your custom star map to create a diversity of products: posters, t-shirts, pillows, phone cases, mugs, bags, etc.

"Can't live without this app anymore to create all my custom star map products. Truly amazing!"
Etsy Store Owner