DDND – a newly found star representing the meaningful art of telling. The “North Star” for those who need to express themselves in special moments or want to keep memories alive. 

DDND story started back in early 2018. The brand was born focused in delivering poster prints of personalized star maps to clients worldwide. A lot has changed since then.

As the demand started growing, it became clear that our team needed to find a faster and easier way to create and deliver custom star maps. At same time, we started getting more and more requests to: 1) print custom star maps on other products (mugs, bags, phone cases, t-shirts);  and 2) license the design to create digital content. By then, we were creating each star map manually, case by case.

With the wealth amount of specialized knowledge and experience that the team had gathered, we decided to build a star map generator software to automate our internal processes. As we heavily started using the app ourselves, we were able to fine-tune it for the printing and product creation process. 

In January 2021, we released a first version of the star map generator app to the public, enabling other product and digital creators to use it personally or commercially. This is now the main DDND focus.

From creators to creators.


Our personalized star map is a map of the sky with the real position of the stars, moon and Milky Way, created from a given location, date and time of a special moment in your life.

You can choose from any date, any place in the world, and we will make the magic of showing to you how the sky was on that moment and from that place.

Engineering and art beautifully intersected. We apply advanced computacional models to recreate, with the most scientific rigor, the position of the sky elements, attending a given latitude, longitude, date and time.

Our models make use of NASA’s Astronomical Database, containing rigorous information about planets, nearly 100 millions of stars, 10000 deep sky objects, comets and asteroids. These data results from spacial missions, astronomical observations and laboratory measurements.